Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine

Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine

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EGR-100 EGR-125 EGR- 200
Model EGR-100 EGR-125 EGR-200
Dimension (L)600 (W)1280 (H)1000mm (L)600 (W)1280 (H)1000mm (L)600 (W)1280 (H)1000mm
Frequency 15KHZ 15KHZ 20KHZ
Max. Speed 0-9m/min 0-9m/min 0-8m/min
Working Width 1-98 mm 1-123mm 1-138 mm
Elec. Source 220V 6A 1P 220V 6A 1P 220V 6A 1P


EGR-053 EGR-076
Model EGR-053 EGR-076
Dimension (L)550 (W)1200 (H)1020 mm (L)550 (W)1200 (H)1020 mm
Frequency 20KHZ 20KHZ
Max. Speed 0-18m/min 0-9m/min
Working Width 1-48mm 1-73mm
Elec. Source 220V 6A 1P 220V 6A 1P


Model EGR-015
Dimension (L)550 (W)1200 (H)1020 mm
Frequency 20KHZ
Max. Speed 0-18m/min
Working Width 1-13 mm
Elec. Source 220V 6A 1P

  • EGR-100 EGR-125 EGR- 200

  • EGR-053 EGR-076

  • EGR-015